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Empowered to Buy & Return items without spending a penny.

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Pain Free Shopping...

ShopPad will be amazing for you if you want to:


Pay only for something you like

Get the items you want without paying. Only be charged once you have decided you don't want to return. It's just like being in a shop and trying it on there.


Never wait for refunds on returns

Everyone hates waiting for refunds to be returned, now you no longer have to. You are only charged once the return period ends.


Create a personal store for your items

No more having to return to 100's of sites, create your own personal store with the items you like, and buy and return with a click. Share your ShopPad with others and earn commissions on what they buy.

How do you get started?

Just install Shoppad on your computer

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No sign-ups for every single shopping site, just sign-up once and shop anywhere using Shop Pad.

The Ultimate Shopping Experience

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